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TECHNOLOGY AND AUDIO ENGINEERING Enjoy TRUE HD SOUND: INFERNO 2.0 wireless earphones convey a vivid listening background with the ability to move you. Regardless of whether you're out running or on your day by day drive, these wireless earbuds convey an extraordinary mark sound to suit your present action. Joined with an IPX-7 Water/Splash/Sweat-Dust Resistant design, these exquisite earphones bring the magnificence of music into your regular day to day existence. On account of 120 mAH Lithium-iON Upto 8 Hours battery-powered battery, the Inferno 2.0 earbuds additionally charge rapidly and convey hours of music. Regardless of whether you like to lift, run, or move, the INFERNO 2.0 earbuds give the accommodation and inspiration you have to meet your wellness.

Accuracy Sound 

Best in class design and technology meets up in the mind blowing sound of the INFERNO 2.0 wireless earphones These creative earbuds utilize Bluetooth 4.1 technology to stream completely clear sound without a physical, wired association. They catch the high treble and profound bass of your main tunes with clearness and exactness. Likewise incorporate agreeable ear tips of differing sizes for a redid fit and noise-secluding properties. Submerge yourself in the boundless universe of sound with the most recent in bluetooth advancement.
Accuracy Sound 

Noise isolation&Significant Noise Reduction 

Included with Noise Isolation technology, these earbuds sift through foundation noise to top notch sound and gives you more clear voice calls. Propelled noise decrease subdues plane lodge noise, city traffic or a bustling office. So you can concentrate more on what is important your music, films and recordings. 
waterproof wireless earphone noise reduction, quality sound
Noise Reduction 


Presently there's no such thing as awful climate. Created for preparing and rehearsing in any condition, these can suffer through downpour, water and sweat. It consents to the stringent IPX7 confirmation. The TAGG Inferno 2.0 ear buds are sonically welded closed, shutting out perspiration, downpour or other kind of dampness that would somehow demolish your earphones. A really rough headphone.

Ergonomic Design 

The agreeable and ergonomic design guarantees that earphones dependably remains set up while running, running and gyming. TAGG Inferno accompanies three sizes of earbuds to give the best fit to all. Made with consideration and made for solace, the silicone ear buds rests delicately in your ears to give you weakness free listening notwithstanding amid long sessions.
Ergonomic Design 

Longer Listening&Music Uninterrupted 

Presently you can make the most of your most loved tunes throughout the day on account of the 120 mAh shrewd battery-powered Li-Polymer battery that conveys as long as 8 hours of sound brilliance. From music, to films, recordings thus considerably more's, it was nothing really for the Inferno 2.0. In addition, you can get a full charge in only 2 hours with the included USB link and only 20 minutes of charging will give you another 1-2 hours of run time, giving you interminable satisfaction alongside a backup of 240 hours. Presently, run a long distance race or essentially run to the shop, there's all that anyone could need time before requiring an energize. At the point when these earbuds come up short on juice, control them up again with a USB port on your workstation, vehicle charger, or divider charger.

What makes your item unique? 

From forefront bluetooth wireless technology, to creative material and sound design, astounding battery life and administration like you've never had - TAGG INFERNO 2.0 is worked to put a grin all over, throughout each and every day. In our plan of action, we are for all intents and purposes tuning in to our purchasers. From ergonomic design to the ideal equalization of bass and treble, TAGG INFERNO 2.0 is designed to give the best wireless experience

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